Awards and Honours

Akhil Biju (9), Subin Mathew (10) and Yadu Krishnan V.S. (13), three students from Erumeli in Kottayam, have been selected for the President’s bravery award for children in 2013 for saving a 39-year-old man from a watery grave.

District Collector K.N. Satheesh, who is in charge of the Kerala State Child Welfare Council, announced the award here on Saturday. The trio had rescued Kalimuthu, a native of Theni in Tamil Nadu, from drowning in the Manhalaruvi canal at Kannimala in Erumeli.

Akhil was the first to dive into the canal but failed to get a grip on the drowning man. Yadu also jumped in and linked hands with his friend while Subin threw a towel from the bank. Together, they managed to haul Kalimithu ashore. The three children hail from financially backward families. Their parents are manual labourers.