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Android Application for Attendance taking and Messaging Parents of absentees is available for downloading to all Online Vidyalayam member schools .


Attend a FREE online examination on General Knowledge and win



This tool equipped with a lot of enhanced features to evaluate and monitor continously the academic progress of children and functions as "a global bridge between the school and parents".Teachers can enter the actual marks obtained by each student for each examination throuhgh any Internet-ready gadget like Computer, Laptop, Tablet PC, Mobile Phones etc. from anywhere. The system will convert the mark out of 100 and produce the Grade and Grade point automatically. Teachers can also enter the Grade obtained in co-scholastic area and co-scholastic activities along with descriptive indicators. After verification by the authority (either Principal or Class Teacher), the report card and acutal mark list can also be accessed by the respective parents from this website using the user-id and password supplied to them.
Subject wise graphical analysis chart provides easy access to find weak performances and can put more focus on it. This facility is available to Principal, Teachers, Student and Parents in common.
Projcet and Assignment assistance, Subject Based Online Mock Tests etc. helps the children as a academic reference area and the teacher as an additional teaching material.
Online CCE area provides the best global communication platform for bridging teacher, parent and Principal, to improve the studies of children. The teacher can comment on each subject for each examination of all students and the parent can reply promptly. If any parent has not replied, a warning message will be displayed on dash board. All communications can be monitored by the Principal or School Authority for security reasons. Since the communication system keeps a back-up history, each parent can also monitor and assess the holistic growth of their children.
A news desk is provided to exhibit the Flash News, Admission List, Promotion List, Examination Schedule, School Calendar, Fee Reminders, Date and Time of Report Card Distributions, PTA meetings, Books and Uniform Distribution, Invitations and Other Notifications etc. Provision to send Important notifications as SMS
We conduct a periodical Young Scholar Hunt (An online examination competition) based on Current Affairs and General Knowledge. This area is provided to Motivate children to read and gather information from Newspapers, Periodicals and Classics regularly,Sharpen their memory and enhance the capacity of recollecting information rapidly, Train children to appear for forthcoming online examinations,Train them for competitive examinations like Civil Services, Public Service Commission, Bank Tests etc.
Provides a platform for children to express their creativity in the form of Paintings, Drawings, Literal Works, Audio-Visual Performances etc. Exhibits list of books the children must read in each age.
Creative Writings and Drawings
Performance Studio
School Magazines
Awards and Honours
Virtual Digital Library
Play Ground
Arrange seminars on personality development, Exhibit articles and audio-visual materials for career guidelines, ethics and value education.
Personality Development
Organize course for sorting out the learning disabilities of children such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia etc.,if needed. (The courses will be conducted on the availability of experts)
A search engine to find out nearest Tuition Centres, Music / Dance School, Sports Training Schools, Martial Arts and Health Clubs, Book Stalls, Hospitals, Paediatricians etc
What, When and where